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South China Morning Post

6th March, 2019

Hong Kong culture isn't to blame for the stigma of breastfeeding in public. Misogyny is

“Cover yourself!” she screamed before leaping from her seat, shoving past me and my baby, taking a position by the bus door to glare and tut in disgust...[Read more]


Green Queen

10th Oct 2019

Normalize Breastfeeding: 100+ F&B Partners Join Campaign To Empower Mothers To Nurse In Public

Normalising breastfeeding is a topic that is garnering more attention, including right here in Hong Kong. A new campaign called #Ittasteslikelove has...[Read more]


Expat Living

30th June, 2020

Breastfeeding in Hong Kong: Where to Breastfeed

Women here dress as they please and scantily clad models adorn billboards and shop windows. Yet, public nursing is still something of a taboo in Hong Kong. Government hospitals and maternal health....[Read more]


The HK Hub

13th Sep 2019

These Hong Kong Cafes & Restaurants Are Backing a Campaign to Welcome Nursing Mothers

Over 100 Hong Kong restaurants and cafes have joined the #ittasteslikelove campaign to fight the stigma of breastfeeding in public, pledging to make breastfeeding mums feel welcome and comfortable in...[Read more]


South China Morning Post

1st Aug, 2020

World Breastfeeding Week: working mother pushes to normalise breastfeeding in public

Liz Thomas campaigns to normalise breastfeeding in public in Hong Kong and raise awareness of breast milk’s many benefits. The original superfood, breast...[Read more]



12th July, 2019

Hong Kong Restaurants, Cafés and Bars Back New Campaign to Normalise Breastfeeding

Hong Kong’s hippest restaurants, cafés and bars are backing #Ittasteslikelove – a new campaign to normalise breastfeeding in the city...[Read more]


The Loop HK

14th May, 2020

Hot Seat: Liz Thomas of #ittasteslikelove on fighting for breastfeeding freedom

Liz Thomas is the founder of the #ittasteslikelove breastfeeding normalization campaign, where participating restaurants and retailers across the the city show their support by giving...[Read more]


The HK Hub

24th May 2019

8 Reasons You Should Support Breastfeeding, Even if You’re Not a Parent

1. Because it is a Huge Achievement

If we can exult Usain Bolt’s dedication, admire Eliud Kipchoge’s endurance, and encourage our friends and colleagues as they take on challenges ranging from...[Read more]


Hong Kong Free Press

7th Aug, 2020

The zero-waste, immune-boosting superfood that protects lives and the planet

Imagine if I told you there was a superfood that adjusted to the needs of people as they consumed it, aiding mental and physical development. A product with immune-boosting qualities so broad and...[Read more]


Hong Kong Free Press

7th August, 2019

We know breastfeeding is a good thing – so why does Hong Kong need to dedicate a week to it?

We all know breastfeeding is a good thing – the World Health Organisation (WHO) says so, UNICEF says so, international policymakers say so, and for the most part, so...[Read more]



17th Feb, 2020

Liz Thomas discusses #ItTastesLikeLove, her campaign to decrease the stigma around breastfeeding in public

Liz Thomas has had her fair share of uncomfortable encounters while breastfeeding in public in Hong Kong, but she's doing something in the...[Read more]



13th Mar 2020

How F&B Is Driving Social Change...  and Why Consumers Expect It

Five years ago, the choices for those wanting vegan fare were either a sad side salad or a trip to a Buddhist monastery.

Two years ago, plastic straws were ubiquitous with every meal. Today there...[Read more]


Around DB

3rd Aug, 2020

Chest Thumping

Through her #Ittasteslikelove campaign, DBer Liz Thomas is on a mission to make nursing mothers’ breasts every bit as boring – and accepted – as they should be. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Boobs, it would seem, still cause us irrational fits of puritanism, outrage, fear...[Read more]


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