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Mama, take the photo (or get a professional to do it)...Part I


The first time I was asked to photograph a mother breastfeeding was two years ago when I was photographing my friend Ziggy with her son in my studio. Of course, I was more than happy to capture those images but to me, it felt like an unusual request.

I always thought breastfeeding was a private thing between mother and child.

I now realise the idea that breastfeeding should be a private, discreet act was only in my head because society has made mothers believe they must go into a room or cover up to do it.

I know now it’s not practical for mothers to nurse solely in the privacy of their own home, nor is it necessary for them to use a breastfeeding shawl.

There’s no reason to keep it hidden.

Soon after, I was shooting a newborn session and the baby needed a break to feed so

I asked the mother if she would like me to shoot a few snaps of her baby breastfeeding.

Her eyes lit up and she responded: “Yes I would love that”.

As I photographed her I could tell that she had been too shy to ask, but was overjoyed that I had offered.

It became so clear to me then that breastfeeding is something that should be acknowledged and shared.

Breastfeeding is something the world should see. 

Nursing might be natural but it is not easy. It is a learned skill and at times there are challenges to overcome.

Why not celebrate the beauty, dedication and love that goes into mastering it?

Last year I became a mother for the first time and I realised even more so the importance of normalising breastfeeding.

I now photograph women breastfeeding all the time.

I’ve captured images of my other mum friends, I have set up a special day dedicated to shooting nursing mothers, and I always offer new mums who come into the studio for newborn shoots if they would like breastfeeding photographs.

It’s difficult to understand the unique experience of nursing until you go through it yourself. It is so much more than nourishment – it is comfort, reassurance, love, and security, and the bond is so special.

But breastfeeding, like so many seasons of motherhood, does not last forever.

So it is really important to capture these sweet, special – but also fleeting – moments because they pass so quickly.

Whether it is on your phone at home or in a professional photography studio I urge parents to capture these moments while you can.

Rosalia Sempere Pico is the photographer behind the lens at RSP PHOTOGRAPHY in Hong Kong. She specializes in portraits for families, newborns, and maternity – both in-studio and on location.

Featured below are highlights of the imagery she has shot for the #Ittasteslikelove campaign to normalise breastfeeding.

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