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Why they back the #Ittasteslikelove campaign:


"I was a breastfeeding mom and had a very hard time in the beginning. To continue breastfeeding through all the challenges was the best decision I ever made, but I couldn't have done it without all the support that I had. Our goal is to not only provide all the products that make breastfeeding or pumping as easy and painless as possible, but the information and support to do so too. That's why Petit Tippi is a proud supporter of the #ItTastesLikeLove campaign."

What they do:


Petit Tippi is a one-stop shop for babies and maternity essentials that are eco-friendly whilst being functional and beautiful. In support of moms who want to offer their babies breastmilk, they have a huge variety of breastfeeding aids from silverettes for healing to milk storage and breast pump options.

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