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Why they back the #Ittasteslikelove campaign:


"Every woman should feel comfortable breastfeeding their baby whenever and wherever the need arises. I've watched so many friends suffer rude comments and stares while breastfeeding in public - having a baby can be tough and it shouldn't be made harder by others asking you to apologise for wanting to give your child the best start in life you possibly can. Thank you to #ittasteslikelove for bringing the conversation into the open."

What they do:


This boutique illustration and eco-conscious design house creates beautiful stationary, cards, blankets, tote bags, gifts and goodies. Their stuff, without question, is affordable art and there are plenty of designs - from flamingos and citrus fruits to Hong Kong's famed star ferry and skyline and founder Penny Creedon takes her craft and her commitment to the environment and ethical practices very seriously. We adore the stunning breastfeeding and baby milestone cards they've created to support our work too.


Click here to see their gorgeous pieces:

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