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Glow Spa, Central


Why they back the #Ittasteslikelove campaign:


“We cater for nursing mothers as a matter of course, I regularly give up my office if mum needs privacy to pump or nurse, and if they are happy to nurse in public, our staff are mature and accommodating. Mums can nurse in the salon or in the nail room if they would like a quieter area, we speak about nursing mums and how to look after them at our team meetings. Mums are always welcome if they are in the city and need a place to go, they can feed or pump at Glow without hassle (or an appointment!)” – Sioban Guilfoyle, Founder, Glow Spa

What they do and why you should go:


A hub of all things beauty Glow is an absolutely gorgeous place to hang out as owner Sioban has ensured its something of a home from home with plush sofas and enticing snacks.  She’s backing the campaign so breastfeeding mothers – including those that pump – are welcome to swing by. But it’s worth highlighting that their whole philosophy is community-led so even if you are stuck in central with a pre-schooler that needs the bathroom, you can still rely on these guys to help you out.

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