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Why they back the #Ittasteslikelove campaign:


“We are thrilled to back the #Ittasteslikelove campaign to normalise breastfeeding. Our staff understand only too well how daunting it can be for nursing mothers when out and about in public. We’d like to give you one less thing to worry about. If you dine or drink with us, we’ll give you one free smoothie.” – DiVino Group team

What they do and why you should go:


Complete the gastronomic tour around Italy with a stop at this gem at iSQUARE mall, which brings trattoria style to TST. They have a very reasonable weekend brunch too.

DiVino Patio

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, this place has the perfect seating, menu and drink list for every kind of meeting, be it intimate or formal. Plus, the location close to Wanchai’s waterfront provides a spacious alfresco vibe. They’re big on family here, so come with the brood.

DiVino Wine Bar & Restaurant

This Wyndham Street stalwart keeps it simple for lunch but draws a crowd for dinner. The service is excellent.


Come for the divine Italian food, stay for the view. It’s vital to have more breastfeeding-friendly restaurants on the other side of the harbour, so we’re pleased to have such a super option in this neck of the woods.

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